What is a Christmas Tree Farm?

Traditional illustration of a rustic Christmas tree decorated with gold stars.

For many centuries now, people have brought a special tree into their homes and decorated it to celebrate the Christmas season.

Traditionally, a coniferous evergreen tree has been used for this purpose, often a Norway spruce or Scots pine, but other species can be used as well.

It is wise to use a tree that is native to wherever you live in the world, since it will be easier to obtain.

It will also allow you to appreciate and reflect on your local environment.

The tradition of decorating a Christmas tree started in the heavily forested regions of Northern Europe, where a mature tree could easily be found, chopped down and carried back to the village by a group of friends.

Choosing a tree would be part of the fun and festivities.

Today, however, many of us live in cities and suburbs where it’s not so easy to go out into the woods with an axe and return with a suitable spruce.

Forests are better protected now, too, so it may be necessary to apply for permission — or an official permit — before felling a wild tree.

This is why businesses have emerged that specialize in growing trees for people to take home at Christmas-time.

Ron Wolford of the University of Illinois says that 98% of all Christmas trees in the United States of America are grown on farms.

He also says that there are more than 15,000 cut-your-own farms throughout the country.

The singer Taylor Swift grew up on Christmas tree farm. She wrote a festive song last year about the happy memories she has of celebrating Christmas with the people she loved.

If you have Spotify, you can listen to the song here.

There are many Christmas tree farms near me — and there may well be one near you.

So it’s easy to create the sort of heart-warming memories that Taylor Swift talks about in her song.

In fact, you can use this useful website to locate a nearby Christmas tree farm.

You could find a Christmas tree farm that is closer than you expected.

Then you and your family will be able to enjoy the beautiful appearance and fragrance of a real Christmas tree throughout the winter months.

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