Computer Chips and the World Wide Web

Some people have said that we are living in the age of computer chips and printed circuit boards.

Electronics are all around us — they’re in our homes, workplaces and even out on the streets (just think of all the traffic lights, cameras and drones).

View of the Boulevard Montmartre, Paris, at night by Camille Pissaro.

Our home lives have perhaps evolved most radically, as we now have the chance to get absorbed in virtual worlds created by games consoles and various other powerful machines and gadgets.

Boredom has been abolished.

According to MIT Technology Review, the average American now spends almost twenty-four hours every week on the internet.

That is practically an entire weekend of waking hours.

Of course, the introduction of smartphones has allowed information and opportunities to flow to our fingertips.

There are real risks to excessive internet use, but we would now struggle to live in a purely offline world, even if we wanted to, since so many of us have grown up with technology as an integral part of our lives.

Whether you’re viewing this website on a computer, phone or tablet, you’re reading information that has ultimately been downloaded and processed on a microchip.

When your web browser accesses this website, it connects to a Virtual Private Server running on physical machines somewhere in the United States of America. This server sends our content back to you in a matter of seconds or milliseconds.

This is all thanks to the excellent and efficient service of our hosting provider.

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Computer circuitry has given us so many opportunities that we simply wouldn’t have had in previous generations.

We can learn new things, talk to old friends or purchase beautiful products online. It doesn’t matter where we are in the world.

So consider celebrating the wonders of the modern world — or rewarding a technology-lover in your life — by getting your hands on some of the attractive designs showcased below.

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